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Work/Life Integration means something different to each individual. Through SLAC and Stanford University, employees have access to a number of services to help support a rich and rewarding work/life at the lab. On this page, you will find an overview of the types of offerings available to SLAC employees.


Transportation & Mobility

SLAC’s Telecommuting & Flexible Scheduling policy and guidance provides managers and employees the basis for establishing either a work from home arrangement and/or flexible schedules that both support the ongoing operations of a department while relieving personal commuting and scheduling pressures.

Getting to SLAC and around town is simple with free parking at the lab and Stanford Marguerite Shuttle drop off/pickup as well as a number of other sustainable transportation options including carpools,  car sharing discounts, and biking. Stanford has been recognized as a Platinum Bicycle Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists. Accessible transportation and workplace accommodations are available for individuals with disabilities.

Family Planning and Care

Family Planning

For employees planning to start a family, SLAC offers maternity leave & resources for expectant parents, including adoption and lactation support. New mothers have access to dedicated and private rooms for expressing breast milk or to nurse at SLAC and on the Stanford Campus.

To assist with caring for your family members, SLAC offers several support services. For children, SLAC employees are eligible for Stanford on-site care and receive priority access and discounts for in-home and off-site care at local centers. When care may be disrupted (due to illness or vacation) we offer discounted emergency & back-up careLearning resources, special needs resources and school-age resources and college tuition grants are available to SLAC families. SLAC also provides elder care resources including information on Avenidas , monthly caregiver seminars, and back-up elder care.

Learning, Work & Career Development

Learning and work development

SLAC’s provides numerous learning options and training specifically for SLAC employees. All staff members also have access to free career trainings and assessments, scheduling free, confidential sessions with an external career counselor , getting connected to fellow employees in roles you’d like to explore or take courses onsite or online.  

SLAC employees receive $800 of Staff Training Assistance Program (STAP) funds per year for tuition, registration fees and required textbooks for any training related to your job career development effort as well as full or partial tuition reimbursement toward the completion of your undergraduate or graduate degree.  As an employee of Stanford University, SLAC employees are a member of a highly regarded academic intuition with an endless array of opportunities to continually learn and grow.

Whole Life Health

SLAC provides substantial support for each employee’s physical, mental and spiritual health. Generous medical, dental and vision benefit options provide a strong foundation to you and your dependents health needs.

Whole Life Health

Additionally, the BeWell program provides free, annual health screenings, one-on-one advising, workshops and, wellness programs both around Stanford campus and at SLAC’s onsite recreation center. Employees can also “walk the dish” daily and/or participate in the annual SLAC Run & Walk event. Individuals with disabilities and injuries have access to adaptive recreational resources on Stanford campus as well.  

The Health Improvement Program  (HIP) provides fiteness classes and Healthy Living classes on subjects such as environmental health, stress management, nutrition and disease prevention and more to promote and support overall well-being. Also, Stanford’s Faculty & Staff Help Center provides free personal, career, substance abuse and relationship support from skilled counselors for when difficulties may arise.   

The Office for Religious Life’s mission is, “To guide, nurture and enhance spiritual, religious and ethical life within the Stanford University community.” You can join programs or talks by diverse spirtual leaders that visit Memorial Church such as the Dalai Lama, Roman Catholic Pope and Jack Kornfield. For more contemplative practices, you can walk the labyrinths (at Windhover and Memorial Church), attend a Compline Service, take an Outdoor Sculpture Walk, Tree Walk, or Spring Plant Walk, visit the Mausoleum and Angel of Grief or the Stanford Cactus Garden.

Social Life & Leisure

Social Life and Leisure

Stanford Sweeteners present some of the "sweetest" perks and rewards of being affiliated with Stanford, from discounts and incentives to facilities access and services. You can attend one of the numerous Campus Events held throughout the year where you can meet new people, participate in the community, learn, laugh or lounge. Employees receive a Recreation ID Card that provides access to the pools, golf and other activities via Stanford Recreation. Employees also receive free and discounted tickets to Stanford Athletics events. For a fun and educational day with kids, SLAC hosts annual kids’ days and BeWell’s Family Fun at Stanford map provides locations that are excellent to take children for a fun and memorable day around campus.

Giving back and making a difference together is a part of our culture.  There are many opportunities to volunteer, such as helping to cultivate BeWell’s Community Gardens. Employees can join a SLAC Employee Resource Group such as the C.O.R.E. Committee for Outreach, Recruitment & Engagement of Ethic Minorities, LGBT@SLAC, Women@SLAC, Military Veterans@SLAC or Stanford wide staff groups that serve numerous diverse interests and backgrounds of community members.

Financial Health & Housing

Financial Health and Housing

Besides competitive compensation, SLAC employees also receive many sources of financial assistance that help lead a healthy financial life today and years into the future. 

Beyond the many discounted and free services already mentioned that help employees save money, Flexible Spending Accounts help reduce taxes on health and childcare expenses. To save for retirement, Stanford offers both Tax-Deferred Accounts (TDA) at hire and Contributory Retirement Accounts (CRA) after one year of service as well as workshops and guidance to help you choose and prepare.

SLAC Staff are eligible to apply for rentals at Stanford West and faculty may qualify for housing assistance offered by the Faculty Staff Housing Office. For short term stays, the Stanford Guest house resides on SLAC campus and may be reserved based on priority and availability as well as rooms at the Faculty Club.

This only highlights some of the work/life support available to SLAC employees.

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