2018 Community College Internship (CCI) Program Participants & Projects

Student: Sabrina Listek

Mentor: Giulia Lanza

Project Title: Vacuum Components Quality Check

Project Description: The Vacuum Science and Engineering Department supports the design and operation of SLAC equipment and beamlines that operate under ultra-high vacuum.  Successful creation and then sustenance of ultra-high vacuum environments relies on the correct choice of materials.  The student will be involved in the following activities: (a) Experimental evaluation of commercial equipment, to determine whether it has the necessary sensitivity to rapidly evaluate the condition of incoming typical vacuum hardware, for quantitative or qualitative level of hydrocarbon cleanliness, prior to assemble on bake stations.  (b) Comparison of sample measurements with subsequent bake out data and development of operating procedures and Go/No Go measurement criteria. (c) Determination of the suitability of National Standards protocol testing to control vendor cleaning requirements. (d) Experimental validation of SLAC standard cleaning processes using external laboratory testing per National Standards protocol.  (e) Correlation of laboratory test results with in house bake out Residual Gas Analysis testing results.


Student: Pariya Samandi

Mentor: Zeesh Ahmed

Project Title: Software development for superconducting microwave resonator control electronics

Project Description: To increase the sensitivity of future cameras imaging the Big Bang in the microwave part of the electromagnetic spectrum, or the structure of proteins in x-ray frequencies, we are developing a broad set of sensor and readout technologies using superconducting microresonators. This project will entail developing Python code for our newly-developed electronics at SLAC to control these microresonators. The student will engage in the writing this code and testing it with real resonators.