2015 Community College Internship (CCI) Program Participants & Projects

Student: Million Araya

Mentor: Jeff Corbett

Developing a Timing Circuit

For this Community College Internship the CCI Fellow will work with SLAC electrical engineers, physicists and technicians to develop a remote-controlled digital -logic timing circuit that lies at the heart of the beam injection timing system. The work includes circuit design, fabrication, testing and deployment. Importantly, the overall intention is to educate the CCI fellow in the inner workings of the complex, sub-nanosecond timing network for the SSRL accelerator complex. This learning opportunity will provide practical knowledge how a large DOE installation operates in terms of timing, low-level electronics and high-power circuitry. Summer experiences also includes an introduction to beam diagnostics and interaction with other summer students working at SSRL.


Student: Austin Djang

Mentor: Doug Van Campen

X-ray Diffraction Experiments

Develop and improve samples holders and sample environmental chambers for X-Ray diffraction experiments. Incorporate ways of heating small samples in small enclosed chambers. The project will involve learning SolidEdge 3-D modeling, designing simple devices, making prints for manufacturing and assembly and testing.


Student: Christopher Pike

Mentor: Chris Kenney

Ultra-High Density Capacitors

Use atomic-layer deposition reactions to form capacitors with very high values per unit mass. This project will combine the use of naonmeter thick films and micro-machined silicon. There will be opportunities to engage in the variety of work that this team is pursuing and hopefully spend some time on an SSRL or LCLS X-Ray or particle physics beam line.