2014 Community College Internship (CCI) Program Participants & Projects

Student: Brandan Boyle
Mentor: Christopher Kenney
X-ray & amp; Spectrometer Systems
The CCI student will assist with the design and fabrication of nanotechnology-based, vacuum-supporting and infrared-blocking windows for soft x-ray, superconducting spectrometer systems. These are thin membranes of materials such as silicon nitride, aluminum, etc. with thicknesses around 100 nanometers suspended on a framework with a complex geometry. The conductive membranes may be perforated to increase their transparency to soft x-rays. The entire system must be compatible with thermal cycling from 400 Kelvins down to 100 milliKelvins.
Student: Andre Miranda
Mentors: Chad Miller & Doug Van Campen
Interfacing Stress/Strain Rig
The student will develop software to control stress/strain in-situ measurements. This control software will have the ability to synchronize with x-ray diffraction data collection. Includes learning Labview and SPEC (certif.com) programming.
Student: Roger Monroy
Mentor: Nicholas Kelez
Support at LCLS Design
The project consists of experiment support for the Soft X-Ray Department at LCLS. The student will  design, fabricate, and install instrumentation in support of a user experiment on a soft x-ray end station (AMO or SXR).